Our mission is to make everyone an agent of change, making small decisions that can lead to big results.

We believe that we can replace single-use plastics with noble materials, do you want to be part of it?

We envision a world where everyone strives for a sustainable future, where we significantly reduce the misuse of plastic in single-use products; and we reuse, reduce and recycle the plastic necessary for our daily function as a society.


We believe that a small effort from all of us can lead us to that future, one click at a time!



Being FSC certified demonstrates that you meet the highest social and environmental standards in the market. Public concern about the state of the world’s forests and timber resources is growing and FSC gives you a reliable solution to complex environmental and social issues.


We are supported by the brand “Foods From Chile, Source of Life”, an image that allows agricultural entrepreneurs to have a common seal, which reflects the imprint and quality of Chile’s agri-food industry in international markets.

Having the authorization for the use of the Chile trademark allows us to increase our reputation, credibility and competitiveness. Associating our brand Simplo with that of Chile strengthens our value proposal in the foreign markets.


Certifying as a B Corporation goes beyond product- or service-level certification. B Corp Certification is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. The B Impact Assessment evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impact your workers, community, environment, and customers.


We like to innovate, design and make our customers really special. That is why all our products have a B2B format and we also work directly with companies to generate unique and customized solutions.