Bamboo Fiber




The Bamboo Fiber products are 100% biodegradable and home compostable in 250 days and are the perfect plastic substitute.

Using a mixture of bio-based poly-butyl succinate (PBS), bamboo, and starch, our team employs trade-secret compounding methodology to produce this fiber.

Available in 5 types, the Bamboo Fiber suits several extrusion and injection grade applications.

We have a range of products, such as straws, cutlery, food boxes and clamshells.

Our Bamboo Fiber is DIN certified for industrial as well as home and garden composting.


The manufacturing process can accommodate various plant fibers but we have selected bamboo due to its exceptional durability and sustainability.

Compared to other plants, bamboo has a much shorter maturity stage of only 3 years, making it a highly sustainable option.


Products made of Bamboo Fiber are durableand not easily broken or damaged, thanks to acarefully selected mixture of natural minerals.


Thanks to our innovative drying processtechnology in compounding Plant Fiber,Natural Minerals, Starch and self-developedBio Adhesives, the Bamboo Fiber is the mostnatural and environmentally friendly materialthat doesn’t generate any air or water pollution.


B Corp Certification is a designation thata business is meeting high standards ofverified performance, accountability, andtransparency on factors from employeebenefits and charitable giving to supplychain practices and input materials.

Seal in the promotion of products orservices in order to position the value ofthe chilean origin in the national andinternational market.

This means that a company mustdemonstrate that its drug or biologicalproduct is safe and effective for theintended use, and that it canmanufacturethe product to federal quality standards.

Global standard for quality management,ensuring consistent products, customersatisfaction, and continual improvement.

TUV Rheinland: Globally recognizedfor quality and safety. Commitmentto excellence and customersatisfaction.

SGS certification ensures quality,compliance, and consumer trustglobally.

This provides credible and verifiable proofthat your materials are safe for home andgarden composting.

Materials, packaging and productsthat can be recycled in industrialcomposting.

Certified Naturally Compostable Icon

Home Compostable.

Green Mark certified(Taiwan)

The product has beenindependently tested and hasbeen verified to break downcompletely in a commercialcompost facility after use.